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MARBO - Share your marbles

My research project with Microsoft Research - MARBO, is the concept of a communication device for children helping them share their feelings, events and learning with fun. After a deep study & analysis of children's world, we came up with the product called MARBO. With the initial goal of making the social circle larger, building trust among children, making learning interesting & fun for them, MARBO has been extended to a level that, it is ‘the' device for children. MARBO is basically inspired by the metaphor of the marbles, a traditionally popular toy in India . MARBO is a device through which children can communicate with each other to freely express their feelings, as well as have fun by exchanging of ideas, emotions and having collaborative and interactive learning. With its spherical screen and detachable marbles (digital memories), MARBO provides a new mode of interaction. For its wonderful unique design concept and social aspects, MARBO is awarded 1st prize in Design Contest at Innovation Fair.

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