Think Tank Team

The Think Tank Team (TTT) was created in May of 2012 as a group of interdisciplinary researchers, scientists, designers and engineers. Located within Samsung Research America in the heart of Silicon Valley, the team is crewed by experts in fields from industrial design to physics, with experience in institutions such as MIT, Disney Imagineering, Art+Com, RISD, and others. Areas of interest include electrical engineering, optics, computational imaging, machine learning, natural language processing, visual design, computational graphics, material science, biochemistry, and others. The team's work covers a large time scale, from products that are ready to be mass-produced, to ideas that will take many years to come to fruition. The team is are always looking for people and ideas that will expand its horizons in new ways, with the mission of re-imagining existing products, creating new product classes, and exploring new materials, technologies, affordances, and experiences.

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