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QUICKiES - intelligent sticky notes

The goal of 'Quickies' is to bring one of the most useful inventions of the 20th century into the digital age: the ubiquitous sticky notes. Sticky notes help us manage our to-do list and capture short reminders and information which we need in the near future. Keeping track of these sticky notes can be a difficult task in itself. 'Quickies' is about enriching the experience of using sticky notes so that they can be tracked and managed more effectively. The idea is to give these stickies intelligence and the ability to remind us at the relevant time about the task we ought to perform. The project explores how the use of RFID and ink recognition technologies can make it possible to create intelligent sticky notes that can be searched, can send reminders and messages, and more broadly, can help us to seamlessly connect our physical and informational experiences.

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