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invent - design of a programming language for children

A conceptual gap exists between the representations that people use in their minds when thinking about a problem and the representations that Computers will accept when they are programmed. For most people learning programming, this gap is as wide as the Grand Canyon . invent is my research project under the guidance of Prof. Ravi Poovaiah initiated with the vision to help solve the same. I have taken children as my users. The initial goal of invent is to design an intuitive programming environment for children. The key ideas are to use representations in the computer that are analogous to the real world objects being represented or letting children create them and to allow those representations to be directly manipulated in the process of programming. The child can create objects, give them properties and attributes & use those objects to create their world creating challenges & solutions to them. invent is an attempt to make programming more like thinking.
In brief, invent='Imagine...Explore...&...Learn'

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