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inktuitive - An intuitive physical design workspace

Despite the advances and advantages of computer-aided design tools, the traditional pencil and paper continue to exist as the most important tools in the early stages of design. The goal of the project ‘inktuitive’ is to combine the intuitive process of creation that is inherent in paper and pencil with the power of computing that the digital design tools provide. Inktuitive also extends the natural work-practice of using physical paper by giving the pen the ability to control the design in physical three-dimensional space, freeing it from its tie to the paper. The intuition of pen and paper are still present, but lines are be captured and translated into shapes in the digital world. The physical paper is augmented with overlaid digital strokes. Furthermore, the platform provides a novel interaction mechanism for drawing and designing using above the surface pen movements. ‘inktuitive’ is an intuitive physical design workspace that aims to bridge the gap and bring together the conventional design tools such as paper and pencil with the power and convenience of the digital tools for design.