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Ghost in the machine - “creative machines?”

"It is by logic we solve, but it is by intuition we create." Questioning the nature of creativity and experimenting with my desktop computer to create pieces of art ended with the discovery of a ghost in my machine. From studying drawings done by children to the robots playing chess and painting on canvas it is the result of an experimental formative approach. It is an attempt to answer some of the questions arose during my journey of enjoying children drawing mountains, sun and river and those happy moments of programming my desktop machine. With a vision of questioning the nature of creativity the idea was to generate pieces of so called art or creativity in collaboration with machines. "Creative machines?" "Can machines be creative?" My thoughts and attempts to explore the same, to seek in the field with a positive approach of making machines creative, which can generate pieces of so called "art", are also documented as a paper titled "ghost in the machine'. I think Life is "Trying things to see if they work'.

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