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I, myself am pranav|mistry. 'zombie' is my nick name. My father Kirti Mistry is an architect & a technocrat. My loving mummy Nayana cares us all. I have two sisters, 'Sweta' & 'Jigna'. I have a nephew named 'Jini'. I love my family a lot. I have lots of friends, too. My family is big. I have 5 'masis' & 3 'mamas' & 5 'kakas' & 2 'fois' & ... &... & them all and my friends in my photo gallery.

I come from Palanpur, a small town of northern Gujarat, India. I graduated as Masters of Design from IIT Bombay and Masters of Media Arts and Sciences from MIT Media Lab. I completed my bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering.  Before joining Media Lab, I worked with Microsoft as a UX Researcher.  At present, I am a PhD student and Researcher at MIT Media Lab.  Thinking is what I love the most, and fortunately my work is to come up with new innovative ideas. ;)

I ...