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my sweet home

each summer I feel nostalgic. how come one can forget such a nice place. Palanpur is my hometown in the base of Aravali hillseries in northern Gujarat, India.
10th April, 2005


IIT Bombay

it is the time now I will pass out from my Alma Mater, IIT Bombay. :(
7th April, 2005



when I was browsing through my photoalbum today, I got this. on the fine day I was there at NGMA with Prof. Raja Mohanty.
3rd April, 2005



a wonderful novel of Isaac Asimov. the movie is also worth to see. i-robot(2005)
1st April, 2005

Holi hai

lets color, holi hai.
25th March, 2005

What is next?

steve jobs says his idea about what is next? i think 'next is .......'
24th March, 2005


I love bikes. which one should I buy?
23th March, 2005



yes, a day of us starts and ends in these icons. we write, we play, we ask, we make, we present ,we ...
22th March, 2005



Dont miss this movie.
20th March, 2005


Let's dance

lets dance. it is saturday.
19th March, 2005

10000 runs

Sachin hits 10000 runs in test cricket on first day of second test against Pakistan.
16th March, 2005



invent is my thesis project. invent - design of a programming langauge for children.
15th March, 2005


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