Unveiled Samsung galaxy Gear at Unpacked 2013 episode 2 :)

Young Global Leader
I got honored as 'Young Global Leader 2013' by World Economic Forum.

Hello, California
I moved to california. Love the weather and food here.

Started a team of ninjas at Samsung - Think Tank Team. Only the best of the best can be allowed.

IITB Young Alumnus Award
Received the Young Alumnus Award 2012, IIT Bombay

♥ Biggest moment of my life
I and Yijia got married on December 9th. This is truly the biggest day of my life ♥

Netexplorateurs 2010
Won ‘Netexplorateurs of the Year 2010’ award, Netexplorateurs Grand Prix 2010, France

Made to the list of the ‘50 Most Creative People of the Year 2010’. CREATIVITY 50.

Won Technology Review TR35 2009 Young Inventor Award. (August, 2009)

Presented a paper on project 'Quickies' @ HCII2009 in San Diego, CA. (July, 2009)

Microsoft Research
I joined Microsoft Research in Redmond as a Research Intern for the summer. (June, 2009)

SixthSense wins INVENTION OF THE YEAR 2009 award by Popular Science (June, 2009)

I presented a poster on 'inktuitive' @ ACM SIGGRAPH i3D 2009 conference in Boston, USA (28th Feb, 2009)

'SixthSense' was featured in NEWS across the world
My research work 'SixthSense' (also known as WUW - Wear Ur World) was featured in press across the world including ...   
    New York Times | WIRED News | FOX News | Mumbai Mirror
    Times of India | The Sydney Morning Herald | Slashdot
    Engadget | | CNET NEWS | The Sun | The Gazette
    Le Monde
    ...& many more. for the complete list, visit 'SixthSense' project page. (Feb, 2009)

Pattie and I unveiled 'SixthSense' @ TED2009 in Long Beach CA,USA (4th Feb, 2009)

ZDNet correspondent Sumi Das introduced my research 'QUICKIES' to the world in the 'Future of Sticky Notes'. See the video. (Dec, 2008)

My talk @ USID2008 conference in Bangalore, India
I gave a talk on 'Bringing Intelligence to Everyday Objects' at USID2008, Bangalore, India. (Sep, 2008)

'Inktuitive' and 'QUICKIES' at IE08 in Seattle, USA
My work 'Inktuitive' and 'QUICKIES' got presented at the 4th International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE08). Seattle, USA. (Jul, 2008)

'QUICKIES' was in NEWS across the world
My research work 'QUICKIES-Intelligent Sticky Notes' was featured in press across the world including ...   
   Discovery Channel News
   Popular Science
   The Tech Herald
   ...& many more. for the complete list, visit 'QUICKIES' project page. (Mar, 2008)

'TaPuMa' @ Ambi-Sys08 in Quebec City, Canada
I presented my research 'TaPuMa - A Tangible Public Map' @ International Conference on Ambient Media and Systems (Amby-Sys 2008). Quebec City, Canada. (Feb, 2008)

QUICKIES @ IUI08 in Canary Islands, Spain
I presented my research project 'QUICKIES' at the ACM International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI2008) in Canary Islands, Spain. (Jan, 2008)

'AKSHAR' won 'Best Paper' award @ USID2007
I presented my work 'AKSHAR' at USID2007 conference in Hyderabad, India. The paper got selected as 'Best Paper'. (Jun, 2007)

I joined MIT Media Lab, MIT, USA.
After working for a year and a month as a UX Researcher with Microsoft India R&D ltd, I joined MIT for my PhD. I joined Ambient Intelligence Group at Media Lab.(27th Aug, 2006)

I joined Microsoft India R&D ltd.
After working for a year as a research intern with Microsoft, I joined Microsoft IDC as a UX Researcher. (1st Jul, 2005)

Invented 'invent'- imagine...explore...&...learn.
I presented my thesis research with working model of 'invent', a conceptual design of a programming language for children.(29th Apr, 2005)

I presented my research paper @ IHCI2004 Bangalore.
At Bangalore IHCI2004 conference, I presented my paper titled 'Functional metaphoric approach to be in the flow with software interfaces'.

MARBO stood first in innovation fair.
My research project MARBO won first prize at innovation fair in Avenues for its concept and design. (Oct, 2004)

'Ants' won second prize at SIGGRAPH2004, Los Angeles.
My innovative design titled 'Ants' stood second internationally in SIGGRAPH2004, Los Angeles. (Aug, 2004)